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3 visions,
3 logics
to the cellar.

After pampering our vines during their growing cycle, remains the most delicate, accompany the juices so that the vibrations of the terroir that nourished them continue.

For this, the least possible intervention, just the strict necessary to maintain the fruit of the origin…

Once they have become clear wines, the musts according to their grape variety, year, volume, verticality, etc., will be selected to be integrated into one or other of our three logics of expression for our Champagne wines:

  • Author’s wines,
  • Terroir wines,
  • Single vineyard wines.
Champagne Rodez

Author's wines,

For the Champagnes following this logic, we wish each year to rewrite a musical scope playing in the continuity of the previous ones. This is the logic of the Champenoise tradition with the blending of all possible influences offered to us in the wine cellar with our wines of the year but also with all our reserve wines.

Cuvée des crayères

60% de Pinot Noir et de 40% de Chardonnay.


Blend of maceration cuvées for fullness and Chardonnay cuvées for elegance and freshness.

Dosage Zéro

70% de pinot noir et de 30% de chardonnay.

Grands Vintages

No malo and 70% de Pinot Noir et 30% de Chardonnay.

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Champagne Rodez

Single vineyard wines

The only truth of origin, no blending, one plot, one grape variety, one vintage. The naked truth of working in the vineyard with rooting in its terroir.

Champagne Rodez

Terroir wines

We wish to return the fruit of our hands to you on the Ambonnay terroir. All cuvées are vintage and the blending is limited to 5, 6 or 7 different plots of the same grape variety.

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Pinot Noir


coteaux champenois


Long before the bustle, Champagne produced still wines

Ratafia champenois

Champenois grape juice to which alcohol is added.

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