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For a long time, we have been very attached to the style and personality of the wines from our domain with the fierce desire to preserve our terroir.

For a long time, we have been very attached to the style, the personality of the wines of our domain with the fierce desire to preserve our terroir. Since the realization of the urgent need to change the model (harvest 1984) we have had to define a strategy (1989), we have focused our efforts on the life of the soil with the gradual abandonment of weeds.

In the spring of 1995, we noticed a change in the vegetative expression of the vineyard. We then began to learn organic techniques.

The beginning of dynamic organic practices dates back to the mid-2000s and aromatherapy has been widespread since 2012.

We have been certified organic since 2012, Demeter since 2015 and HVE since 2012.


Certification Demeter  since 2015


The health of the planet is closely linked to that of all its inhabitants. This is the foundation of biodynamic agriculture, a holistic approach that aims to take care of all the elements of the ecosystem that is the farm: the soil, plants, animals and humans. The production of quality food and raw materials as well as the development of more resilient ecosystems are objectives sought by biodynamic farmers.


Organic viticulture is a method of production that respects, maintains and improves the soil, preserves the quality of the water and promotes biodiversity.

It protects the environment (ground water, fauna and flora).

By paying particular attention to micro-organic life in the soil, the winegrower encourages the proliferation of grape vines’roots, and in turn delivering wines that express all the personality of their terroir.

Organic certification

Being certified in organic viticulture means respecting European regulations on organic production. This prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and GMOs.

Created as part of the Grenelle de l’Environnement to promote farms that respect the environment, the High Environmental Value (HVE) certification was awarded to Eric Rodez on Wednesday June 20. He is thus the first French winemaker to receive this distinction. The Bollinger champagne house in Aÿ also received it recently.

What is High Environmental Value? To obtain High Environmental Value, you must go through three levels. The first corresponds to environmental regulations. This is an essential prerequisite for access to other levels. The second includes obligations of means and traceability. Sustainable agriculture is at this level. Finally, the third is the highest level of environmental certification and it alone benefits from the High Environmental Value designation. It requires performance obligations regarding biodiversity, reduction in the use of phytosanitary products, control of fertilization and water management. And it can only be issued by an approved and independent certification body. For Eric Rodez, Environmental Value is interesting because “there is a point of arrival through three stages. So, everyone goes at the speed they can. »

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