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The generations come and go and mingle to allow the transition of family history.

According to Jean (1931), Pol (1905), Camille (1877), Eugene (1850), Louis (1819), Marie-Louis (1786), Jean-Baptiste (1757) and with Mickaël (1983), we will do everything we can to have the pleasure of receiving you. 

We will tell you about the discovery of our exploitation, our vineyards located on the hills of Ambonnay, our presses, the winery and cellar located in our old village across three production sites. Then we finish with the flute of friendship. But be careful, we must also be in the cellar or in the vineyards and can not be exclusively in the pleasure of sharing a visit with you.

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At your service,


Visit ONLY by appointment,  subject to availability..

During your visits in Champagne and especially in Ambonnay, we cannot assure you directly the sale of the wines of the domain. This is done by reservation and allocation to the main destination of our historical customers and our professional partners, ambassadors of terroir wines.

Too many of you have contacted us for a visit to the domain and we thank you for that.

As much as possible, it is always with pleasure and honor that we welcome you for a moment of discovery and sharing the fruit of our passions.

Please excuse us if we do not respond favourably to your request for a visit. 

Our Vigneron business requires an unwavering commitment to the vineyard, the cellar and limits the time available for a welcome that we wish to maintain without intermediaries and directly with you.

This is our priority not to disappoint you when you want to discover a bottle of our production.

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    nearby visits :

    PRESSORIA gives you the opportunity to discover Champagne in a fun and interactive way. The 5 senses will be at work to learn everything from Champagne.

    The permanent visit allows you to discover the geology, the climate, the life of the soil, the cycle of the vine, the harvest and pressing, the elaboration of the Champagne, an extraordinary spectacle around the effervescence, all in a sensory, interactive way.

    • Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste will be solicited.
    • Trip with the long time of the earth or ephemeral with bubbles,

    • Discover the diversity of Champagne.

    The Museum of Champagne Wine and Regional Archeology is located on the Avenue de Champagne, the most prestigious street in the city of Epernay.

    The museum houses one of the most important collections of national archeology and a remarkable heritage on the history of champagne. In terms of archeology, the museum’s collection currently consists of 80,000 regional pieces, from the Paleolithic to the early Middle Ages. The wine fund consists of 6,000 pieces dedicated to the history of champagne. The collections are organized around four spaces.

    • On the ground floor, formation of the Champagne landscape,
    • On the first floor, champagne making,

    • On the second floor, archeological collections.

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