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Respect for our vines is a daily preoccupation and we look to explore all techniques and routes which allow for a greater respect for our vineyards and favour a natural balance. There is no point in doping our vines, it is useless to try and replace Mother Nature; often it is enough to simply use common sense.

We have used and sometimes abused this good sense to shape this terroir where we feel lucky and have the pleasure to produce, but above all never overproduce. Quality, the level of expression, the melody played by our wines of Champagne but also the level of pleasure and joy experienced by your taste buds depends on it.

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Domain Certifications

We are committed
- HVE certification since 2012,
- Certification Organic farming since 2012,
- Biodynamics certification (Demeter) since 2015.

Champagne Rodez life path

Destabilized by the mediocrity of the 1984 vintage, we went to seek advice in other regions and especially in Alsace. This led to a change in soil maintenance practices. We then carried out numerous soil analyzes and adjusted our fertilization program. Little by little, we tested the different grazing techniques, then mechanical weeding. Completed the logic of comfort.
We then focused more specifically on the protection of the vine. We have learned to harness “organic” techniques, but nothing is perfect in itself, and even “organic” can have a negative impact on biodiversity. So biodynamics is obviously imposed on the everyday.
In 2007, regretting the low collective commitment to sustainable viticulture, we made the choice to display the reality of our practices to move towards our conversion. Our commitments in organic and biodynamic viticulture are the fruit of a long work and a fierce desire to move towards viticulture that respects the soil and the environment.
Since 2014, Mickael and Aurélie have been pursuing this commitment to sustainable development by developing dedicated biodiversity zones and by generalizing the use of essential oils. Aromatherapy is invaluable to us in the face of increased attacks of mildew and powdery mildew.
In “organic” you must first of all want to push the weight of habits.
High Environmental Value – HVE
In June 2012, we officially received our HVE certificate. Our farm is the first French farm to be certified as “high environmental value”.
Our commitment to organic and biodynamic production rules is not an end in itself. We also want a commitment to biodiversity

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