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For the last three centuries, the Champagne soil has shaped our family from generation upon generation. At times we were masons, at others carpenters – woodworkers, but from an early age we attached ourselves to the vines. These vines which provided Ambonnay with its precious nectar for almost a thousand years have signed their presence in all of the grand historical symbols of our country side.

At that time Champagne’s country side was ruthless in the sense that only the greatest of terroirs could hope to trade their wines in the market places. Of this time remains our village’s architectural footprint, a small town gathered together around small streets lined by the walls of wine properties.

Random walks and porches left ajar show us several often hidden square courtyards where the weight of the past still endures.

family the generations

The generations born after leaving for family history  :

  • Mickaël (1983),
  • Eric (1959),
  • Jean (1931),
  • Pol (1905),
  • Camille (1877),
  • Eugène (1850),
  • Louis (1819),
  • Marie-Louis (1786),
  • Jean-Baptiste (1757).

The footprint of the sun, the rain and the wind.

The footprint of the sun, the rain and the wind.
Inspired by the magic of the bubbles, the men and woman of Champagne have given themselves the task to carve out the terroir so it can express all of its typicity.

Always in contact with wine, our family results from a long line of winegrowers. As winegrowers we love to work the vine and the wine, to the extent that we pull our life’s substance from it. In this little game, Mother Nature sways us within her arms.

She puts us at the rocking discretion of the wind, the rain and the

weather hazards, showering us with precious sunshine which makes and remakes the pleasure of the seasons waltz.

She moulds us by playing with the course of our lives, but also gives us the liberty to explore the opportunity of different vintages, which follow each other without ever being the same.

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